The real estate market is both tricky and unpredictable. Investing in real estate involves analyzing all possible risk factors and taking sensible decisions based on these. In the light of the unpredictability and vast range of options available, it becomes slightly tough for NRIs to put their money in project because they are too far away to be able to judge the credibility of projects where investment is possible. NRI Legal Services in Gurgoan offers invaluable support and expertise to buy or sell real estate to individuals, real estate developers etc. Sunshine Nest has proficiency in handling the full scale of real estate properties since there is sound awareness of the most competitive costs and fees involved in a transaction.

Sunshine Nest follow a professional, business oriented approach to ensure best possible prices for our clients which is reversed by our advantage of having an understanding of the dynamics and volatility involved while investing in real estate. The company makes sure that we give detailed information to the client regarding risks, technicalities and legal considerations involved in the transactions Offshore.